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Xperience Membership

All levels are now open including Mentor 12

All Prices include VAT

Xperience ONE

£50 per month 

(Usually £75)

Xperience ONE  is designed for your first year entry into The Xperience Group, but it can also be used by past members as a way to stay a part of the Xperience community. 

Stripped back to essentials to get you started, Xperience 1 should deliver 30K during your year if you follow the structure.

What's Included:

• 7 Legacy Campaigns. (Minimum average £200)

• 500 Legacy Graphics - Campaign & Social Media.

• 2 Styles of  Business Branding Templates (PSD DOCS).

• Price List Designs & Layout

• Product Guide

• Pricing Guides

• Monthly Essential Business Training.

• Monthly Mindset Training.

• Quarterly Re-Start Programmes & recordings

• 1 Open Mic Sessions per week.

• Social Media Planner.

• Trade Partner Discounts.

• Consumer Website Feature.

• Access to an Interest Free Credit facility.

• Unlimited Awards Entry.

• Qualifications.

• Private Facebook Community.

• eMarketing Templates

• Sales Training

• Ezines

Xperience Plus

£90 Per Month 

Xperience Plus gives you access to all Xperience Legacy Graphics and Campaigns, as well as dedicated monthly marketing training sessions.

Originally designed for beyond year 1 Xperience but it is now open to new members as it gives you full access to the thousands of legacy graphics and over 50 campaigns.

You still have access to the Xperience year one essential training sessions and restart programme.

Year 2 and beyond Xperience members also get a 6 monthly check up with Laura.

What You Get:

• All things Xperience 1 including Training Sessions

• 1x 6 month Check in with Laura.

• Monthly Business Sessions

• Photography Development & Review Session

• All of The Xperience Legacy 50 promotion campaigns

• All of the thousands of Legacy Graphics 

An initial Joining Fee of £200 is paid in Year 1 - unless stated.

All membership options are based on a 12-month contract.

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The Xperience Mentor Programmes give you dedicated 1-2-1 time with both Mark and Laura.

Mentor is also is an independent group of meetings for Monthly Planning, Promotions & Progress as well as dedicated K-Club interaction sessions.

Mentor members still have access to Xperience Plus sessions & recordings as well as all Legacy Xperience Graphics as well as the 2022 graphics and year planner Trello board.

All Mentor Programmes include:

• Monthly Planning, Promotions & Progress Session.

• Mentor & K-Club Meetings plus:

• Localised Corporate Gift & Business to Business Development.

• Exclusive Mentor Daily Open Mic

• Social Media Review.

• Photography Reviews.

• Group Mindset Sessions

• Xperience Facebook Features.

Xperience brochure PDF

Mentor 3

£235 Per Month

Mentor 3 includes:

• 3x Mark 1-2-1 Business Development Session.

• 3 Hours Local CG Development

• 3x Laura Business Catch Up Sessions.

Mentor 6

£330 Per Month 

 Mentor 6 Includes:

• Bi-monthly Mark 1-2-1 Business Development Session.

• 7 Hours Local CG Development

• 6x Laura Business Catch Up Sessions.

Mentor 12

£410 Per Month 

Mentor 12 includes:

• * 1 x Visit to your studio premises (UK only)

• 6 x 1-2-1 Business Development Sessions 

• 14 Hours Local CG Development

• 12x Laura Business Catch Up Sessions.

    *or 12 x Mark 1-2-1 Business Development Session an no studio visit

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1-2-1 Mentor Sessions

*Please note that we will be encourage you to book all of your 1-2-1 sessions at the beginning of your, spreading them accordingly.

All your pre-booked sessions can be changed easily by you if you need to do so. By booking all your Mentor Sessions ahead we can ensure you maximise your business development allowing adequate time between the sessions for you to implement the advice and ideas.

Laura will be in touch to remind you about booking sessions as soon as you join up.

PPP Meetings

The Monthly Online Sessions differ between the different membership levels.

All involve Marketing & Business development at different levels.

The Mentor Planning, Promotions and Progress meetings are more focused on the groups needs and will be focused more on specific business development and topics that are requested. This will also continue during the K-Club sessions which are very specific to the business.

Xperience Community Meetings

Now that restrictions are being eased, we can all get back together in some way. During the year we have 3 Face-2-Face Meetings *planned, and all members at all levels are welcome to join us for the day.

Each of the days runs officially from 11am - 5pm, but the doors will be open for trade and coffee from 9.30am.

Community days are a combination of trade and training.

Many members will be staying over, this is a more relaxed time to chat and catchup.

* Please note that even though dates are planned they might have to be rearranged due to any restrictions imposed by government due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

There is no cost for you to attend, but there is a small charge for refreshments & Lunch.

Xperience brochure PDF

Xperience-1 Essential BDM Monthly

The Business Development Meetings for Xperience 1 group are based on first year essential training, with extra help to integrate Xperience campaigns and systems into your existing or new business.

Please also allow some extra time both before and following the BDM meeting for any specific help in getting started with Xperience.

Xperience Plus Planner Sessions

The Xperience Plus group can of course take part in Xperience 1 meetings, however the Xperience Plus sessions are designed to go beyond the basics of year one.

Even though these sessions can have a little customisation based on members requests, they will follow the business topics that are scheduled at the core of the meeting.

Xperience brochure PDF

Xperience 1 Campaigns

Campaigns come with more planning and weight on marketing budget. They are in a year’s plan and are designed to stimulate a higher spend than a promotion.

Campaigns consist of:

2 Baby / Toddler

2 Female including boudoir

1 Family

1 Dog / Pet

1 Teen

as well as The Xperience Me & My Dog Day, officially launched in 2021.

each of these come with specific graphics and campaign structure with advice on social media and marketing spend. There are also recommendations on Pricing and Products.

Even though many of our campaigns are designed to hit a low spend of a £200 average, this is a pure guide as many hit double or even treble the low minimum forecast.

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