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Colin Joined The Xperience Group in the 3rd year.

The Business is just Dog now.

Based out of a garden studio at his house the business changed direction and in his own words has completely turned around in all ways.


Peter joined Xperience at the start.

The Business is all about Families and children.

After relocating to a new area, the business got going with a fresh start in all ways. Operating from his Garden studio and now converted garage in a small village the business is thriving.


Anna joined the Xperience in its second year.

The business is a specialist dog photographer.

The studio reached 5 Star status within its 2nd year.

Connan & Lisa

Connan & Lisa joined The Xperience Group in year 2

The business is all about people portraits.

The studio needed a rescue plan, it is now is a thriving high street business.


Natalie has been in the Xperience Group from the start.

The business is a specialist in Family & Child

After having several babies, and a home studio, the business was radicalised in 2018 with a studio move and instantly gaining the coveted 5 Star Status in the group.


Peter has been in The Xperience from the start.

The business offers Family, Child & Boudoir.

Peter has been in the business a long time and needed to move the business in a new direction. .

Debbie & Aaron

The business joined us just before its second year of trading started and without The Xperience it may not be here today.

The business offers a core of Family & Child.

5 Star status was never an issue as quality is always at the for front but driving the business forward with limited time and resources was its initial struggle.

Leanne & Martin

Leanne & Martin Joined in year 2.

The business is now portrait based.

Initially joining The Xperience Group to move away from weddings the couple now are both full time in the business

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Chris joined us in year 4

The Business is just dogs on location

This business was a classic tale of great talent but with limited business skills.

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Melanie joined in year 4

The business is Baby & Children with some family

Since joining the business now owns its own studio.

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Nicola joined in year 1

The Business is Dog & Equine specialist

Initially the photography was all about events and low order sales, now its no events and all specialty.

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Steve & Sandra joined in year 2.

The business is totally dog.

Operating from a home studio, the photography was  a real mix of client type until it turned total Dog.


John joined in year 2

The Business is a specialist  in female photography.

Operating out of a garden studio the photography business is all about boudoir and proof a part time business can thrive along side a full time job.


Sue joined in the Xperience 2 group.

The business is all about Baby & Child Photography

The studio is based on the first floor of an old mill. Sue's dedication to her little clients made her one of the first 5 star studios.


Nigel joined the Xperience in year 1

The business is primarily Dog with some humans for good measure.

The business changed direction and is now dedicated to our canine friends, a 5 Star Xperience and business location.

Nigel & What Xperience does for him


Peter Thomas Photography joined in year 2

The Business is People with some promotions

Before joining Peter was a wedding photographer working from home, he now drives a dynamic portrait studio in Belfast.


Originally  part of the X3 group

Mike is a specialist in Teen Dancers & Female Photography

Working from a commercial unit Mike's creativity is at the top but he needed Xperience for the buisness


An Xperience 1 member

Was an event specialist in equine

Nicolas business has been transformed for just Equine to Equine & Dog with some of the heist sales in the group even though working from home.

Phil G

Xperience 3 member originally

Canine only business.

Originally a hobby business but now a thriving high street studio

Phil H

Xperience 3 member

Phil has managed to transform his business to a different level by increasing the number of clients and refocusing his core.

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