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Professional Portrait Photographers - Join & Add 30K To Your Business

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The Quicker You Apply Change, The Quicker the Results!

Welcome to The Xperience Group.

Our first year program is designed as a simple change my business now program, whether getting started or having to take an existing business into a new direction immediately.

The method behind everything we do in The Xperience group is to make you busier tomorrow, than you are today as well as to sell more today than you did yesterday without any hard sell

Depending on your new business plan and your future we will usually be developing 2 types of business.

1 – A Big Business – one that may involves staffing of some kind, even if it is as simple as a tele salesperson. This business model will need some kind of business premises, even if it is just a converted room to a viewing room or a garden studio. A business growth from year to year that will eventually not rely on just you to do everything. A business turnover from £125K to 1 Million pounds..

2- A Lifestyle Business – operating below the £88K UK VAT threshold, and a business model that you will be in sole charge of. One that offers restricted hours and probably does not involve premises.

Once you have joined The Xperience Group, we usually have a 2 week cooling off period after the contract is signed, however during these 2 weeks, we do have a series of tasks for you to get on with, so we can hit the road running when you go live in the group.

The Xperience membership is based on a 12 month contract and commitment.

If you decide to forgo the the 2 week waiting room, we can get you into the group within days, so we can get the business moving as soon as possible.

To join or for more information please EMAIL or call 01446 730592

Signup Today - £200 Saving you £300 on the usual joining fee

plus weekly payments of Either £50 or £68 (inc vat)

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Weekly Online Power Hour Sessions

3x Business Building Days *

3x Photography Development Days *

3x Sales Training Day

Social Media Guru Session

Exhibition Training

Monthly Ghost Guru Contact

X Portrait Promotion Campaigns

X Graphics & Template Assets

X Marketing Video

£750 of Sample Portrait Products

X National Creative & Consumer Awards

X Lead Generation

X Social Media Training & Plan

X Photographer Qualifications

X Trade Partner Discounts

X CG Training

X Ready to use Literature

X Secret Shopper Report

X Team Support

X Confidentiality

X Creative Convention *

X Social Groups & Community

* Not included with Online Membership

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