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Join The Xperience Today From £11 per week.

Our first-year program is designed as a "Change My Business Now" program, whether you are getting started or having to take your existing business into a new direction immediately.

The method behind everything we do in The Xperience group is to make you busier tomorrow, than you are today, to streamline your business methods, enhance your client journey at every stage, helping you with pricing and products for enhanced profits and customer desire whilst showing you the way to enhance the sales process without the hard sell.  

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There Can Be Only ONE!

2022 brings you the best value for money any small business could have, never mind in photography!

Xperience programmes for 2022 start from as little as £50 per month, including VAT, Marketing Campaigns, Graphics, Awards, BDM Sessions, Qualifications, Pricing, Product Discounts etc, all for only £11 per week!

All our Xperience memberships are designed to help transform your photography business at a cost any business can afford.

Xperience Programs for portrait photographers, are designed to help your photography business thrive within weeks.

The Xperience Membership Options Are:

Xperience One

Xperience Plus

& Xperience Mentor 3,6,12

These  portrait photographer business building programs can help transform your business straight away and with an affordable monthly price tag to suit you and your business type.

Once you have joined The Xperience Group, we usually have a 2 week cooling off period, which we call the waiting room, after the contract is signed, however during these 2 weeks, we do have a series of tasks for you to get on with, so we can hit the road running when you go live in the group.

The Xperience membership is based on a 12-month contract and commitment.

If you decide to forgo the 2-week waiting room, we can get you into the group within days, so we can get the business moving as soon as possible.


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Join Today and Save £200 Joining Fee

Xperience ONE is designed for your first year entry into The Xperience Group, but it can also be used by past members as a way to stay a part of the Xperience community.

Stripped back to essentials to get you started, Xperience ONE should deliver 30K during your year if you follow the structure.

7 Legacy Campaigns. (Minimum average £200)

• 500 Legacy Graphics - Campaign & Social Media.

• Monthly Essential Business Training.

• Monthly Mindset Training.

1 Open Mic Sessions per week.

• Social Media Planner.

• Trade Partner Discounts


• 2 Styles of Business Branding Templates (PSD DOCS). • Price List Designs & Layout • Product Guide • Pricing Guides • Quarterly Re-Start Programmes & recordings • . • Consumer Website Feature. • Access to an Interest Free Credit facility. • Unlimited Awards Entry. • Qualifications. • Private Facebook Community. • eMarketing Templates • Sales Training • Ezines

Signup Today -  And Save £25 per Month Plus NO Joining FEE - Offer Ends May 2022

£600 for the year based on - £50 x 12 (inclusive of VAT)

Usuall Price £75 Per Month

To Discuss Joining Our Other Xperience Programs & to let us know a little about your business please  EMAIL LAURA

or call the office 01446 730592

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Xperience PLUS - £90 inc.VAT per month

Xperience Plus gives you access to all Xperience Legacy Graphics and Campaigns, as well as dedicated monthly marketing training sessions.

Originally designed for beyond year 1 Xperience but it is now open to new members as it gives you full access to the thousands of legacy graphics and over 50 campaigns.

You still have access to the Xperience year one essential training sessions and restart programme.

Year 2 and beyond Xperience members also get a 6 monthly check up with Laura.

What You Get:

• All things XperienceONE  including Training Sessions

• 1x 6 month Check in with Laura.

• Monthly Business Sessions

• Photography Development & Review Session

• All of The Xperience Legacy 50 promotion campaigns

• All of the thousands of Legacy Graphics

Signup Today - Saving you £200 on the usual joining fee 

Xperience Plus

 12 Monthly payments of £90

Total Year Cost - £1080 inc.VAT

Xperience Mentor From - £235 per month

The Xperience Mentor Programmes give you dedicated 1-2-1 time with both Mark and Laura. Mentor is also is an independent group of meetings for Monthly Planning, Promotions & Progress as well as dedicated K-Club interaction sessions.

Mentor members still have access to Xperience Plus sessions & recordings as well as all Legacy Xperience Graphics as well as the 2022 graphics and year planner Trello board.

All Mentor Programmes include:

• Monthly Planning, Promotions & Progress Session.

• Mentor & K-Club Meetings

• Localised Corporate Gift & Business to Business Development.

• Exclusive Mentor Daily Open Mic

• Social Media Review.

• Photography Reviews.

• Group Mindset Sessions

• Xperience Facebook Features.

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Xperience Mentor 3 - £235

Mentor 3 includes:

• 3x Mark 1-2-1 Business Development Session.

• 3 Hours Local CG Development

• 3x Laura Business Catch Up Sessions.

Xperience Mentor 6 - £330

• Bi-monthly Mark 1-2-1 Business Development Session.

• 7 Hours Local CG Development

• 6x Laura Business Catch Up Sessions.

Xperience Mentor 12 - £410

•* 1 x Visit to your studio premises (UK only)

• 6 x 1-2-1 Business Development Sessions

• 14 Hours Local CG Development

• 12x Laura Business Catch Up Sessions.

*or 12 x Mark 1-2-1 Business Development Session an no studio visit

Signup Today - Saving you £200 on the usual joining fee 

Xperience Mentor 3

12 Monthly Payments of £235

Total - £2,820

Xperience Mentor 6

12 Monthly Payments of £330

Total - £3,960

Xperience Mentor 12 

12 Monthly Payments of £410

Total - £4,920

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To Discuss Joining & to let us know a little about your business please either

EMAIL or call 01446 730592

Depending on your new business plan and your future we will usually be developing 2 types of business.

1 – A Big Business – one that may involves staffing of some kind, even if it is as simple as a tele salesperson. This business model will need some kind of business premises, even if it is just a converted room to a viewing room or a garden studio. A business growth from year to year that will eventually not rely on just you to do everything. A business turnover from £125K to 1 Million pounds..

2- A Lifestyle Business – operating below the £88K UK VAT threshold, and a business model that you will be in sole charge of. One that offers restricted hours and probably does not involve premises.

Transform Your Business

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