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The Xmen & Xwomen

We are proud to call The Xperience a true community. Let's face it, the photography industry can be a lonely place at times and being an Xperience member means that you will always have someone in your corner to celebrate the good and navigate the tricky. A supportive group of like minded people who are going through or have been on the same business journey as you is a very valuable thing.

TPA Team Pics 2021

Mark Cleghorn

The boss! The man who put the Mark in marketing! With over three decades of industry experience teamed with generosity of knowledge and passion for the industry, there is no better person to help you grow your business.

What can you expect from Mark? Training to make a difference today, honesty, straight talking, forward thinking and support.

Mark CLeghorn Photography

Laura Edmond

The Business Developer . Having worked within the photography industry for almost 15 years, Laura took on the role as Business Developer for the Xperience Group in January 2020. Having worked alongside The Xperience Group for four years prior to this, she has watched members businesses flourish and individuals confidence grow. Now she is ready to help your business thrive too.

TPA Team Pics 2021

Debbie Cleghorn

Debbie is the financial director and if truth be known, the real boss of the operation! Having taken on many roles during her years running businesses with Mark, she really does understand what it takes for a business to thrive within this industry.

Xperience brochure PDF

The Members

The members refer to our community as a family and for that, we thank them as there is no better compliment for us. This supportive group of business owners took the leap of faith to come and join us so who better to hear from than them hey! Have a listen to their experience of The Xperience - Members Raves

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Trade Partners

We are proud to have joined forces with some of the best industry suppliers in the country. Our promise of excellence ensures that your clients receive great quality products and with exclusive trade partner discounts and offers, Xperience members can also ensure the profitability that all businesses require.



One Vision Imaging

The Flash Centre

Sim Imaging

Xperience brochure PDF

Join The Community Now

We are proud to welcome all portrait photographers into our community no matter where you are based in the world, whether you have a studio or not. We help businesses get off the ground as well as help improve and streamline existing ones, working towards the business model that each individual aspires to and just one average campaign sale per month will see you in profit!

2022 is an exciting year for The Xperience Group! Alongside our online membership, we are happy to announce the return of our ever popular face to face business training! With memberships now tailored to both budget and requirements, why not come and join us? There really is strength in numbers so take a look at what we have on offer;

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No Joining Fee & Wall Art Display Bundle Worth Over £250

Too good to be true, we know - Just Join as a Mentor Member in 2022

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